Friday, August 19, 2011

Discovery Science Toys - Dig and Discover

Dig and discover is an awesome range of kits from Kristal Educational teaching archaeology, palaeontology, or geology through a discovery science toy. There are 26 kits featured on Amazon covering a great range of topics including the Civil War, Dinosaurs, Ancient Civilizations such as the Egyptians, Romans and Mayans as well as crystals, coins, treasure and many more areas of interest!

In the ancient coins dig and discover kit you get to excavate a collection of 13 'ancient coins' cast from authentic finds, they are embedded in a 9" x 6" frame. You use the excavation tool and brush provided to uncover the replicas which have been copied from actual archaeological finds. There is 5,000 year-old Sumerian shell money as well as Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Persian and Chinese coins. Once unearthed, you can then restore, paint and display the finds. Each of the kits comes with everything you need: excavation blocks, brushes, digging tool, paint tablets and a relevant booklet of information and instructions. In the ancient coins kit the booklet is called, 'How to become an Archaeologist'.

These kits teach patience and perseverance as both are required to excavate the finds and then restore them for display. Sure, the excavation process itself is a little messy but if you set up a project area with newspaper it will not be too hard to clear up after, alternatively outdoors is always an option. The kits are priced at between $21.99 and $29.99 which makes them fantastic value for money. Help your child experience the thrill of discovery with these science discovery toys or dig and discover kits - which incidentally carry a manufacturers recommended age of 7 years old and over. The dig and discover kits are an excellent educational tool making them ideal for classroom demonstrations/projects (you could get small group to excavate a kit each and then research and present their finds to the rest of the class), the special interests of children with Aspergers Syndrome, children who are home-schooled or just for school holiday, weekend or rainy day fun.

For all the different young archaeologists, palaeontologists, geologists or historians there is a dig and discover kit to suit all their interests: Ancient Coins, The Great Sphinx, Civil War, Archaeology USA, Velociraptor Skeleton, Woolly Mammoth, Treasure Hunt, Maya Temples, Shark Teeth, Prehistoric Humans, Terracotta Soldier, Egyptian and Indian Relics, Crystal Mines: Quartz and Aquamarine and Emerald and Topaz, T-Rex Tooth and Skull, Roman Sundial and Bowl, Prehistoric Life, Sabre Toothed Cat, Mancala Game, Anasazi Bowl, Dinosaur Egg and Dinosaurs USA.

The Discovery Science Toys Store has a huge range of different discovery science toys available - the dig and discover kits are just one example - please visit the website for more inspirational ideas, to read the product descriptions and browse the customer reviews.

Give the gift of education and the thrill of discovery with a Dig and Discover, an awesome discovery science toy available from the Discovery Science Toys Store.

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