Saturday, December 10, 2011

How Parents Can Help Their Children To Learn Effectively

Parents want their children to do well at school and get a good job. Parents also want their children to be happy and feel fulfilled but sometimes do not know how best to help them achieve this.

As soon as your child is born you are their first teacher and will make an enormous difference to their life if you give them the help they need. Families can enjoy learning together. The home and its immediate environment offers so many wonderful opportunities for exploration, play, discovery, education and learning.

The concerns that parents have is universal. Parents worry about how to spend more quality time with their child. How to give them the best possible start in life is also a major worry for a majority of parents as well as finding ways to help their child to do well at the things they themselves find difficult.

Research has shown that a parent's attitude to learning is the strongest influence on how successful a learner your child becomes. You have the most important role to play in helping your child to succeed. As you are your child's first teacher, you can teach them how to learn. However, to help your child learn, you need to be a learner yourself.

Self Esteem

Self Esteem is very important as it influences how a child feels about him/herself and therefore will affect how they approach life. It will influence their desire to take risks and 'have a go'. It is difficult to be successful if you don't think well of yourself or feel that you're not good enough.

Children need to feel like they belong and that they are valued and loved both at home and at school. In order for them to feel a sense of security and belonging regular routines need to be in place, for example mealtimes, bath times, reading and bed times.


Having aspirations is having the will to succeed. We all have dreams about what we'd like our future to be like and what goals we'd like to achieve in life. We dream about what is possible. Communicate with your child about what is possible, listen to their aspirations and share with them your own. Having regular discussions with your child about positive aspirations and helping them reinforce the learning mindset will help your child learn how to stay focused.

Show your child what they may need to do in order to alter or improve what they are doing so that they are on the right track to turning their dreams into reality.

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